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West Virginia



The West Virginia Workers' Compensation Board of Review has implemented a new procedure for a claimant to file a protest to a claim administrator's order that does not include a Jurisdictional Claim Number. Claim administrators who are not following claim reporting procedures will be tracked by the Offices of the Insurance Commissioner. 

The Board of Review has changed the process for submitting a protest to a claim administrator's order that does not include the JCN. Claimants and their attorneys will no longer be required to call the claim administrator or the OIC's Claims Services in an effort to track down a JCN. Since a protest cannot be submitted on the Board of Review's portal without a JCN, please follow this process if you are submitting a protest to a claim administrator's order that does not include the JCN:

· Fax or mail the protest to the Board of Review (PO Box 2628, Charleston, WV  25329; 304-558-1322)

· A Temporary JCN will be assigned and the protest will be acknowledged.

· The Board will issue an order requiring the claim administrator to provide the JCN to the Board and the parties, in writing, within 15 calendar days from the date of the Board's order.  A copy of the Board's order will be provided to the OIC in order to track claim administrators who are failing to follow reporting procedures.

The Board of Review can be contacted by calling Beth Suter at 304-414-1027.