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Florence Godin has retired as a Specialist I after 23years in state service.


Wood v. Fairpoint Communications Opinion No. 7-15WC (Apr. 10 2015)

Attorney fees awarded following informal conference when initial denial based upon “‘lack of investigative evidence to determine causal relationship to employment.’” Treating physician altered initial treatment note to show causal connection to work but Defendant did not rescind denial.

Kurant v Sugarbush Soaring Association, Inc. (Kurant III), Opinion No. 8-15WC (April 13, 2015). Attorney fees awarded without formal hearing when Carrier refused to pay ongoing medical treatment based upon an IME report stating that such ongoing treatment is not reasonable or necessary, but no Form 27 filed in support of the IME and no other medical records filed in support thereon. “Defendant’s failure to comply with the requirements of Rule 18.2100 amounted to misconduct or neglect under Rule 10.1330. It thus became necessary for Claimant to retain an attorney, whose efforts resulted in an interim order requiring Defendant to continue benefit payments. Notably, because the benefits at issue involve ongoing medical coverage rather than a cash award, under the circumstances of this case Claimant has no other workers’ compensation-related fund from which topay his attorney for her work. If he is to be made whole, an award of attorney fees is necessary.”