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You Just Had to Be There

DWC has for years hosted a conference for stakeholders.  This year the conference came around again on the August calendar in Austin. There was something a little different and refreshing this year– the tone and focus of one of the more memorable presentations.  The WorkCompCollege presenters went well beyond comp basics, calling for a paradigm shift in the way we view the role of workers’ compensation by suggesting the focus should shift from only compensating injured workers to focusing on helping them recover.  A new name could be the Workers’ Recovery System (this writer’s suggestion, not theirs). 
Their panel discussion addressed what a whole person recovery mind set can look like.  From rebranding to reflect the higher purpose of comp, to looking beyond the physical to consider psychosocial issues, to choosing words and attitudes carefully, the discussions included suggestions on best practices to enable this change in approach to take hold.  Perhaps if it does, less regulation would result and injured workers would be better served. Maybe the lawyers would be out of business. Definitely something to think about! If you want to know more about this new idea, contact Mark Pew at Mark has a great work sheet he can send you called Establishing a Whole Person Recovery Mindset in Workers’ Compensation.

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