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On January 16, the Division announced that it adopted the Fiscal Year 2020 Research Agenda of the Workers’ Compensation Research and Evaluation Group (REG). Texas Labor Code §405.0026 requires REG to annually prepare a research agenda for the commissioner of workers’ compensation to review, approve, and publish in the Texas Register.  The REG is to conduct professional studies and research “related to the operational effectiveness of the workers’ compensation system”, and to publish that agenda annually.

The FY 2020 Research Agenda was adopted on January 15, and includes: (1) completion and publication of a 2020 Workers’ Compensation Health Care Network Report Card, (2) an update of the 2018 “Setting the Standard” biennial report on the impact of the 2005 legislative reforms to the Texas workers’ compensation system, which will report on the affordability and availability of workers’ comp insurance for employers and the impact of certified workers’ compensation health care networks on medical costs, quality of care issues, return-to work outcomes, and medical dispute resolution, and (3) an update on the 2018 biennial study to estimate employer participation in the Texas workers’ comp system.

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