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The exclusive remedy defense is alive and well. An injured worker won an $8.7 million judgment
at trial against his employer. The plaintiff was hired by Job Link, who assigned him to work for
Tractor Supply. He was injured and brought suit against Tractor Supply. The Court found that he
was a temporary employee of Tractor Supply, as he was working on their premises in the furtherance
of their day-to-day business, his injury was caused by his work for Tractor Supply, he was trained
by, supervised by, and received his assignments from Tractor Supply employees.
The Court next considered whether Tractor Supply, who did not carry their own policy for their
permanent employees, was covered under Job Link’s policy. The court found that they were
covered, because Job Link’s workers’ compensation policy contained a blanket Alternate Employer
Endorsement and they provided the carrier with a list of covered client companies to the carrier
listing Tractor Supply and describing the Plaintiff’s job duties. The Court reversed the award of
damages and held that Tractor Supply was entitled to the exclusive remedy defense.
Tractor Supply Co. of Texas, LP v. McGowan, 2016 WL 1722873 (Tex. App.—Waco 2016).