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With accomplices like these . . . 

The Division recently entered into a consent order with the Langford, Wise, and Farahmand Law Firm through its manager and agent, claimant attorney Roger Farahmand.  

Pursuant to the order, the law firm shall not seek payment of any attorney fee orders issued between July 1, 2017 and August 31, 2019 and shall not seek payment for representing any workers’ compensation participant for the next ten years.  Notably, the order also requires Mr. Farahmand to testify against claimant attorney Leslie Casaubon:
Respondent, through its Manager agent Roger Arash Farahmand, must cooperate fully with the Travis County District Attorney's Office investigation and prosecution(s) of Leslie Casaubon and provide complete and truthful testimony when and if called upon to do so in any criminal proceeding.  
As Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story is that Roger Farahmand and Leslie Casaubon were both indicted for billing fraud in 2021:

Mr. Farahmand and Ms. Casaubon were indicted for engaging in organized criminal activity and securing the execution of a document by deception.  The indictments against Ms. Casaubon and Mr. Farahmand allege that they caused data to be submitted to the Division’s attorney fee processing system “representing that services had been rendered by Roger Farahmand and James T. Langford when services were not rendered by Roger Farahmand and James T. Langford.”

The case against Mr. Farahmand was dismissed on December 29, 2022 for the reason that “[t]he defendant has been granted immunity in light of his testimony.”  The case against Ms. Casaubon remains pending with a pre-trial hearing set for March 7, 2023.  Mr. Farahmand will presumably be called to testify against her at trial if a plea agreement is not reached.