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 In  Drug Dealer, M.D., Anna Lembke, a psychiatrist and chief of addiction medicine at Stanford University’s medical school, points the finger at over prescribing physicians and a subculture of the addicted, in her view from the trenches in the war on opioid drug abuse in America.   While there is plenty of blame to go around in the medical community, from the physicians and the myriad problems in the American health care system to Big Pharma, Lembke steps into the often off-limits area of patient accountability.  Lembke writes of patients “who visit a doctor’s office not to recover from illness but to be validated in their identity as a person with an illness.”  She describes the patients’ drug-seeking behavior by user type.  “Senators” will “filibuster” the doctor for the length of the visit and then make a last-minute plea for narcotics, giving the doctor little time to object.  “Exhibitionists” writhe in pain and exhibits extreme pain behaviors.  The “Dynamic Duo” is the patient and crying mother/wife/girlfriend presenting a team too pitiful to refuse.    This short, 172 page book, offers an interesting perspective into a problem all too familiar to the workers’ compensation community.