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Last month we reported on fraud investigations pertaining to healthcare providers and pharmacies.  According to a recent Dallas Morning Newsarticle, such investigations are intensifying and expanding. The FBI is conducting raids of medical businesses in the hunt for further proof of illicit kickback arrangements in which doctors refer patients to specific pharmacies in return for remuneration. 
Most recently, Next Health, a Dallas-based network of labs and pharmacies, and its successive owners, Critical Health Care Management, were subject to search following a $100 million lawsuit filed by United Healthcare that the companies were involved in a kickback scheme. The owners of both businesses are already charged with health care fraud in another federal case involving Forest Park Medical Center. 
Among the allegations leveled against Next Health: that their pharmacies issued animal drugs, that they manipulated the ingredients of compounds to increase costs, and that unnecessary genetic and drug tests were administered as part of a “wellness study.” 
Other healthcare companies facing federal scrutiny include Medoc Health Services, Southwest Laboratories, Trilogy Pharmacy, and the ADAR Group.  However, the eight defendants from Ability Pharmacy may be the most impudent of all.  They are charged with committing a $158 million fraud for inflating the costs of so-called compound pain creams: on at least one occasion, one container of the miracle cream cost them $15.00 to produce; they charged $28,000.00 for it. That’s a mark-up of 186,667%. 

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