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One by product of the crackdown on pain pill abuse is increased urine drug testing. Many treatment
guidelines, the ODG included, recommend urine drug testing. Some doctors and labs have
capitalized on this opportunity, turning urine drug testing into a new profit center. Many system
participants have witnessed a significant increase in the frequency of drug testing, the number of
drugs for which patients are tested, and the use of qualitative drug testing which tests for the amount
of a drug as opposed to qualitative testing which just determines the presence or absence of a drug.
Five thousand dollar urine drug testing bills are not uncommon with some bills exceeding $9,000.
Now one system participant is fighting back by having every urine drug test retrospectively
reviewed for medical necessity. This resulted in savings of $493,372.97 in one quarter alone. The
reason is because in many cases the prescribing doctor was not following the ODG either because
the doctor was testing too often, testing too many drug classes, or doing quantitative testing with no
evidence of necessity. The ODG states that quantitative urine drug testing is not recommended
without evidence of necessity.