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There are several pieces of legislation under consideration that affect workers’ compensation. Senate Bill 163 would require every construction contractor that does business with state government to carry workers’ compensation insurance. As usual, business interests oppose the legislation.

House Bill 2143, while only affecting Police or Fire Persons, would expand coverage to PTSD claims where the condition is not alleged to be caused by a single event, but also by exposure to multiple events—a cumulative exposure concept.

House Bill 1005 would require insurance carriers who have issued a PLN denial related to causation based on a medical opinion to also pay for a medical opinion on causation from the claimant’s treating provider or from a doctor to whom the treating provider “previously” referred the claimant.

Senate Bill 934, championed by OIEC, would change the deadline for filing a suit for judicial review of a DWC decision from 45 days to 60 days in order to give the claimant more time to locate an attorney willing to take the case to district court.

Senate Bill 229 would require the notices OIEC now sends to claimants describing their rights and obligations to also include a statement informing the claimant that he has the right to choose a doctor who is a doctor of medicine, osteopathic doctor, optometrist, dentist, podiatrist or chiropractor who is licensed and authorized to practice.

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