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In 2016, the average cost of a compounded drug prescription in workers’ compensation claims in Texas rose to a whopping $829. That’s the conclusion of the Texas Department of Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Research and Evaluation Group. The group announced this finding and others last month in its publication Baseline Evaluation of the Utilization and Cost Patterns of Compounded Drugs.

Among the group’s many other findings are the following:

  • In 2016, 2.5% of pharmacy claims were for compounded drugs.


  • In 2016 the top 5 dispensing pharmacies (in terms of number of prescriptions) accounted for 86% of all compounded drugs.


  • In 2016, the top 10 prescribing providers (in terms of number of prescriptions) accounted for 55% of all compounded drug prescriptions. On average, each of the top 10 prescribers provided more than 1,000 prescriptions a year.


  • In 2016 the Houston hospital referral region alone accounted for 67% of all compounded drugs.

The group’s publication is available on the TDI-DWC website.--David L. Swanson, Stone Loughlin & Swanson, LLP