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The DWC is proposing a revision to DWC Form-048, to incorporate the 2014 revisions to Rule
134.11(a), which allows injured workers to request travel reimbursement to attend DD exams,
RMEs, or post-DD RMEs. The proposed revision also creates separate Spanish and English forms
and includes a section for a plain language explanation for the approval/denial of the travel
reimbursement request. The public comment period on the new form closes on December 28, 2015.

The DWC also proposes a new form to report administrative violations to the DWC. In accordance
with Rule 180.2(a), any person may submit a complaint to the DWC for alleged administrative
violations, and TEX. LAB. CODE §402.023(c), directs the DWC to develop a standardized form for
the filing of workers’ compensation complaints. The proposed Workers’ Compensation Complaints
Form is the DWC’s effort to meet these regulatory requirements. In its current draft, the proposed
form may be inadequate because it fails to provide sufficient space for the complainant to identify
his, her, or its relationship to the claim. Informal comments on the proposed complaint form are due
on or before January 4, 2016.