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The DWC has announced several rule changes and proposed rule changes in the past 30 days.  Here is a rundown of what you need to know:

New Adopted Rules
Preauthorization Required for Compound Drugs
Rules 134.500, 134.530 and 134.540 have been amended to require preauthorization for compounded drugs in both network and non-network claims and to exclude from the closed formulary prescription drugs created through compounding. 
Fewer Reporting Requirements and Removal of Private Vocational Rehab Registry
HB2112 mandated changes to certain reporting and notification requirements.  DWC made changes to those rules and repealed a couple of others.  Employers may now submit a notice of termination of coverage to DWC by any means; and, certain building and construction contractors, contractors and subcontractors, and motor carriers and owner-operators are no longer required to file certain agreements with the DWC.  The SIBs rules and definitions were also changed to remove the requirement for private providers of vocational rehabilitation services to register with the DWC. That registry has been removed and the DWC is no longer required to review and determine the unemployment/underemployment status of injured employees.
Who Needs Personal Touch? Not Injured Workers
New Rule 133.30 permits health care providers to bill and be reimbursed for telemedicine or telehealth services, regardless of where the claimant is located at the time the services are provided. The new rule will be effective September 1, 2018.
New Proposed Rules
Hearing Officers Are Now Administrative Law Judges and Other Hearings Changes
The folks formerly referred to as DWC “Hearing Officers” will now formally be acknowledged as “Administrative Law Judges” (ALJs), not only in the hearing room but also in the proposed rules.  New informal rules also proposed changes to the way parties practice in front of those ALJs.  Those changes include a requirement that the parties include a certificate of conference on any motions presented to the DWC, and make changes to the ”no-show” procedures which would allow the ALJ to issue a decision on a finding of no good cause or failure to respond, rather than convening a second hearing.  The DWC is also clarifying that the automatic reset of a BRC upon a request within 10 days of receiving notice is limited to the first scheduled session.  The informal comment period had a relatively short window: April 9, 2018 through April 20, 2018, and is now closed.
PAs to OK 73s
Proposed Rule 129.5 will permit treating doctors to delegate authority to complete work status reports to a physician’s assistant.
TDI Tightens Up Rules to Regulate Sales of Comp-like Insurance Products
TDI has posted an informal draft that would amend rules regulating the sale of insurance products that could be misrepresented or misunderstood as substitutes for workers' compensation insurance.

—Stone Loughlin & Swanson, LLP