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Speaking of the Past

If you have been around Texas comp for a while, you will remember some interesting treatments prescribed by Texas doctors under the umbrella of things that might relieve the effects of a work injury.  For example, the Theramed Bed, various iterations of electrical muscle stimulators (aka transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators), Vax-D (a spinal decompression table), exercise bikes, recliners, mattresses, special shoes, hot tubs, and placebo treatments galore.  For those with an eye toward the lesson that the past predicts the future, an entertaining read is Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything.  Some of the treatments (as we see nowadays), seemed like good ideas at the time but were later determined either to be weird and useless or weird and harmful. The common theme, however, is generally profit, with the treatments often benefiting the doctor more than the patient.

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