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A Dallas doctor and an Arlington pharmacist are among dozens charged in a "pill mill" operation
in Texas and Louisiana that allegedly hired homeless people to pose as patients and obtain
prescriptions for pain medications.
Richard Andrews, DO (of Dallas) and pharmacist Ndufola Kigham (of Arlington) were arrested on
January 20, 2016 on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. The
indictment alleges that the clinic, McAllen Medical Clinic, allegedly handed out prescriptions for
more than 150,000 oxycodone pills between January 2013 and July 2014, despite knowing "there
was no legitimate medical purpose" for them. Prosecutors involved in the case described that these
operations typically utilize drivers to pick up recruits to pose as patients. The recruits are given
money to pay for their visit to the clinic, and are paid a fee (usually around $30) for their work. The
recruits are coached on what to say to get a specific prescription. The driver takes them to the
pharmacy and pays for the prescription; the drugs are then sold on the street for a profit. If convicted
of the conspiracy charges, Dr. Andrews and Dr. Kigham face up to 20 years in federal prison and
$1 million in fines.