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Seriously, WTF? (What's This Fee?)

As previously mentioned, House Bill 2702 would have revised portions of the Labor Code by tagging insurance carriers with an additional expense: a fee for a missed medical examination.  The bill failed to pass the Senate in May 2023, but its most dubious component has found new life in the DWC’s proposed Rule 134.240(b).  

Under the newly drafted rule, an injured worker who fails to attend an examination by a designated doctor would endure the eternal ignominy of subjecting his or her workers’ compensation carrier to an additional $100.00 fee. That’ll show ‘em!

You read that correctly—the insurance carrier would be subjected to what amounts to a fine for an AWOL claimant’s missed DD exam.  (And in case you were wondering, no, the rule does not permit an insurance carrier to take a credit for that fee from later benefits.)

This change to DD exam billing is intended, one assumes, to offset the lost time from patients and the general inconvenience experienced by doctors whose examinees are M.I.A.  However, imposing an additional fee on the insurance carrier for the injured worker’s truancy may invite challenges over the perceived fairness of the measure, especially in instances where the missed exam was requested by the Claimant or Claimant’s attorney; the proposed rule does not take into consideration the party that sought the exam.

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