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BeginningJune 1,2015, Carriersare requiredto usethe revisedDWCForm PLN-11 to disputea workers’ compensation claimand provide the factual basis of the dispute.


TheDivision’s statedreason forthe revision isto help theagency andinjured employeesclarify whether acarrier isdisputing extentof injury, disabilityand/or eligibilityto receivedeath benefits. In itsmemorandumannouncing the finalized form,theDivision alsowarned against usingthe PLN-11 for issues outside the

scope of the PLN-11.

Carriers haveuntil June1, 2015to begin usingthe newform,but there isno harm    in practicing to doso nowin order toget used to using it. The finalizedform isavailable nowon theDWCwebsite at