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With the demise of “bad faith” in workers’ compensation we are seeing a lot of attempts by plaintiff attorneys in 3rd party lawsuits to try to work-around the exclusive remedy defense in order to hold an employer vicariously liable for damages. The core issue is always whether an individual was an employee or an independent contractor of a company at the time of the accident. Many times there will be a contract between an individual and a company where both agree that the individual is not an employee. It seems like this would be enough, but the Houston Court of Appeals recently decided that even where there is a clear agreement between the parties, there must still be an analysis of evidence regarding who has the right to control the details of the individual's work. Because this is a fact question, even a clear agreement cannot be the basis of a summary judgment. Stevenson v. Waste Management of Texas, No. 14-17-00433-CV, 02/21/19. 

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