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Maximum Attorney Fees Rate MIGHT Increase. The proposed rule would establish a new

maximum rate of $200/hour for attorneys and $65/hour for legal assistants. The proposed change

serves as the Division’s recognition that the cost of goods and services has increased significantly

in the last quarter-century. However, the Division’s hourly rate for legal services, which it adopted

in 1991, has not been updated until now. The low rates were beginning to discourage attorneys from

taking workers’ compensation cases when other, higher paying work is available. The increased rate

will provide injured workers with greater access to quality representation which is important to the

health of the system. The proposed new attorney fee rules will be found at DWC Rules 152.3, 152.4,

and 152.6.

DD Requests to be Attached to the DD Orders . . . Finally. Over the last few years, the DWC has

more than once reminded (admonished?) system participants to exchange the DWC 32 with the

opposing party when a DD request is made to the Division so that all are informed of what

information is being asked of the DD. The reminders were ineffective. Frequently, Carriers would

receive an order for a DD exam on extent of injury, for example, without having received the DWC

32. In the absence of the DWC 32, the Carriers were left without an understanding of what was the

injury the DD was asked to address. To resolve the “failure to exchange” problem, the Division has

elected a practical solution. Effective September 1, 2016, the Division will attach the DWC 32 to

the DD Order. Despite this practical solution, system participants are reminded that DWC 32s must

still be exchanged with all parties.