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Why is it that in 2012 84% of Designated Doctors were medical or osteopathic doctors, and only 16% chiropractors, but by 2017 the number of medical and osteopathic doctors serving dropped to 34%? The statistics can’t be denied, and the Division is working on solutions that would result in more medical and osteopathic doctors being willing to participate in the designated doctor process.  

Proposed fixes include distinguishing between musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal structures of the torso, changes to the rescheduling process, adjusting the computerized selection process to increase the number of exams in a city in a day to accommodate doctors willing to travel to do exams, and creating two lists of doctors – one containing names of medical and osteopathic doctors and chiropractors and the other a list only of medical doctors and osteopathic doctors qualified to do more specialized exams. The proposed rule changes do not, however, address the extensive regulatory and compliance burdens complained about by many doctors who have elected to forego certification to perform designated doctor exams.

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