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A man has filed suit in Tarrant County district court, alleging that his former employer, a mortuary, discriminated against him because he filed a workers’ compensation claim.  He claims he developed asthma after performing mortuary services on a man who had died from ingesting paint fumes in November 2016. He says he had not been provided with personal protective equipment and began to suffer chronic asthma after being exposed to the fumes. 
The employee also alleges a trauma claim occurring the following month, after he had been assigned to handle the bodies of a mother and 3-month-old son who had been decapitated.  (The decedents’ husband and father had been arrested in their deaths.)  He is claiming a post-traumatic stress reaction from performing the services on the victims.
The former employee is seeking monetary relief of $100,000 to $1 million. The suit alleges loss of earnings and mental anguish because the mortuary did not pay for his medical expenses, and terminated the employee two days after they learned he had filed for workers’ compensation.
The mortuary has issued a prepared statement, stating that the claims are without merit, that the suit contains information that is “both misleading and inaccurate,” and that the former employee “is making claims that didn’t come up until after his termination.”  --Erin Shanley, Stone Loughlin & Swanson, LLP