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On July 19, 2017, Sentrix Pharmacy filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.  How does that apply to Texas, you ask?  
Sentrix Pharmacy is located in Pompano Beach, Florida but mails compound pain creams and scar creams to injured workers in Texas.  Past charges include $2,488.99 for a one month supply of pain cream and $12,050.06 for a one month supply of scar cream. 
On July 7, 2017, Sentrix Pharmacy filed comments to the Division’s informal compound drug rule proposal we reported on last month.  The proposed amendments would require preauthorization for compound drugs.  Not surprisingly, Sentrix opposed the amendments.
In its comments, Sentrix argues with a straight face that compound pain creams are a valuable tool in the fight against the opioid epidemic and that if preauthorization is required for compound pain creams, it could contribute to the opioid epidemic.  No mention is made of all of the other more effective, less expensive treatments for pain than a $2,500 jar of compound pain cream.
We commend the Division's efforts to require preauthorization for compound drugs. Preauthorization is typically required for treatments and services that are costly, medically questionable, or subject to abuse.  Compound drugs fit the bill on all three counts. --James Loughlin, Stone Loughlin & Swanson, LLP