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If You Pay Them, They Will Come: DWC Proposes DD Billing and Reimbursement Changes


The moment many designated doctors have long awaited and lobbied (dare we say begged) for has finally arrived.  The Division has proposed changes to the billing and reimbursement structure for certain workers’ compensation services that will also benefit RME providers as well as treating and referral doctors.  Who knows, maybe the promise of greater financial incentive is responsible for the recent bump in the number of designated doctors on the Division’s list that has swollen from the 238 reported in March to a whopping 288 in November (all but 12 of the 50 being chiropractors). 

The proposal includes adjusting fees once by applying the Medicare Economic Index (MEI) adjustment factor for examinations performed 2009-2024; adjusting the fees annually on January 1st by applying that factor in Section 134.203(c)(2); rounding the fees to whole dollars; creating a specialist fee of $300.00 and including the much longed for $100.00 missed appointment fee.  The proposal also eliminates the current tiering structure so that for DD and RME examinations, all issues addressed in one exam are paid at the established fee and not reduced.  An assignment number in the prior authorization field of medical billing forms will be required to identify DD-associated billing.   

For more information about the proposed rule amendments, click here.

You can view the proposed changes here: Chapter 133 and Chapter 134.

A public hearing on the rules is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on January 23, 2024. 

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