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Do you have a ping-pong table at your office? If not, maybe you should lobby for one. That’s the implication from an article in the June 24th edition ofThe Wall Street Journal which describes the extraordinary steps that insurance companies are taking to recruit, and retain, employees these days.

For example, according to theJournal, Acuity Insurance has furnished its offices with ping-pong tables, a 45-foot climbing wall, and a 27,000 square-foot fitness center, and it organizes twice-monthly happy hours to boot. And at school-recruiting events last autumn, Acuity reportedly served mounds of freshly cooked bacon, whose aroma drifted around the grounds. Also according to theJournal, some insurers are taking a page from Silicon Valley’s hip offices. For example, Allstate Corp. has a “happiness guru” in a building where it locates many data scientists.

The reason for these over-the-top enticements? It turns out that Americans under 30 (millennials) generally aren’t excited about the idea of working for an insurance company (gasp!). And that’s a problem because insurers reportedly must hire 500,000 newcomers over the next several years as a wave of retirement hits.--David L. Swanson, Stone Loughlin & Swanson, LLP