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Good riddance: Mastermind of workers’ compensation fraud scheme headed to prison for decades

At SLS, we focus on news of workers’ compensation law in the great state of Texas, but this news from California (of all places) is too good to pass up. A big fish has gotten his just desserts. 

Peyman Heidary, a chiropractor who reportedly referred to himself as “the Godfather” and “Number One,” was sentenced this month to 54 years, 8 months in state prison, and ordered to pay more than $23 million in fines, for his role in overseeing a massive workers’ compensation fraud scheme in California. 

Heidary reportedly owned and oversaw a network of sham medical clinics to generate fraudulent billings to workers’ compensation insurance carriers. A non-attorney, he also reportedly controlled the day-to-day operations of sham law firms. His sham law firms would interview injured workers and direct them to one of his sham clinics where they would be subjected to a barrage of treatments, regardless of need, including massage, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, and psychiatric evaluation. After the clinics wrung out the maximum number of visits, they would discharge the patients regardless of their medical status. 

A jury convicted Heidary of 68 counts of insurance fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering. During the sentencing hearing on April 12, 2024, Judge Charles Koosed noted that Heidary possessed deep knowledge of the workers’ compensation system, stating “[Heidary] took advantage of that knowledge based on greed.” 

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