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The Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners took Dr. VanderWerff to a contested case hearing after a complaint was filed with the Board accusing him of providing excessive and unnecessary treatments to a patient. The Board issued an order in the case determining that he had violated the Chiropractic Act by engaging in grossly unprofessional conduct and assessed a fine against him.  He couldn’t appeal the Board’s order directly because he missed his deadline to do so.  He filed suit for declaratory and injunctive relieve against the Board instead. The Board then filed a plea to dismiss his suit for lack of jurisdiction. The trial court granted the plea and dismissed the lawsuit. The Austin Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court, stating that the Board was acting within its statutory authority in issuing its order, and that the lawsuit appeared to be an attempt to create a way to get around his failure to timely file a direct appeal of the agency’s order. The bottom line is that the Board’s order and its finding of grossly unprofessional conduct against Dr. VanderWerff is final. Dr. Eric A. VanderWerff, D.C. v. Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners,WL 7466814 (Tex. App.–Austin)