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DWC Shows HCPs Some Love and a Friendly Reminder

In January, the DWC announced new training opportunities for health care providers and their medical staff who participate in the workers’ compensation system.  The Division’s on-demand training topics for HCPs include reimbursement policies and methodologies and billing and reimbursement for DDs, RMEs and other MMI/IR providers. The DWC also announced upcoming HCP Lunchtime Webinars.  February topics include Medical Fee Dispute Resolution and The Preauthorization Process: Utilization Review and Medical Necessity.  

You can take a look at the on-demand training topics here
Fun Fact:  No where in any of the DWC materials is there a provision for a designated doctor to seek reimbursement for a no-show appointment.  If you are seeing bills for claimant’s failing to attend a DD examination – you should not be!
The Division reminded HCPs that they need to disclose their financial interests (and those of their immediately family members) in imaging centers, physical therapy and work hardening clinics and other facilities if they refer patients to those facilities.  The reason for such disclosure – reducing the likelihood of HCPs making unnecessary referrals in order to pad their own wallets.