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The State Office of Administrative Hearings recently decided to deny payment for compounded

medications which are usually various topical creams which are touted as relieving pain or healing

scars. Texas insurance carriers have been seeing bills of more than $12,000 for a one month

prescription. It was thought by some that so long as the compound didn’t contain an “N” drug from

the DWC’s closed formulary, preauthorization under DWC Rule 134.600 was not required. But the

insurance carrier in this case decided to deny payment based on the defense that Rule 134.600

requires that investigational or experimental drugs be preauthorized. SOAH determined, based on

expert testimony from Dr. Suzanne Novak and her expertise in the application of the ODG treatment

guidelines, that compounded drugs are by their very nature investigational and experimental. That

being the case, the creams would require preauthorization. Many in the pharmacy and treatment

industries disagree, but for now, at least we know which way the wind is blowing.