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The Division is accepting public comment on revisions to the DWC-48, the form used to request travel reimbursement from Carriers for certain travel expenses to attend a DD exam, RME, post-DD RME, or  for travel expenses incurred for medical treatment not reasonably available within 30 miles if the distance traveled is greater than 30 miles one way. These revisions update the format and style for consistency with other Division forms, and add an “FAQ” to provide additional information about travel reimbursement.  The form also provides a section for the Carrier to respond to the request, indicating approval, denial, or partial denial of the claim.  A response is due within 45 days of receipt, pursuant to Rule 134.110.  If the Carrier denies or partially denies the request, the Carrier must provide a plain language explanation to the injured employee, explaining the reasons for the denial or partial denial, without “unnecessary use of technical terms, acronyms, and/or abbreviations.”  The form includes a notice to the Claimant stating that he/she may request a BRC to dispute denials or partial denials.

Revisions to the DWC-48 would incorporate amendments to 28 TAC §134.110(a), effective March 30, 2014. 

The revised form is currently available on the Texas Department of Insurance website at  The public comment period closes June 1, 2015  at 5:00 p.m., and public comments may be submitted by email: