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Distant Dentist

Yet more changes to the Administrative Code.  This one involves Rule 133.30, pertaining to billing for Telemedicine and Telehealth Services.   The proposed modification adds “Teledentistry” to the list of reimbursable remote health care and incorporates the (somewhat redundant) definition from the Texas Occupations Code, Section 111.001: “ ‘Teledentistry dental service’ means a health care service delivered by a dentist, or a health professional acting under the delegation and supervision of a dentist, acting within the scope of the dentist's or health professional's license or certification to a patient at a different physical location than the dentist or health professional using telecommunications or information technology.” Billing for teledentistry services would follow applicable Medicaid payment policies.  The DWC invites feedback, again via, this time by July 24, 2023.  

We were all set to mock the very concept of “Teledentistry” until we happened upon Marathon Man on Turner Classic Movies last night.

If nothing else, at least teledentists can’t torture their patients remotely.  Congratulations, Teledentistry.  You win.  

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