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On April 18, 2018, the Disciplinary Panel of the Texas Medical Board suspended the medical license of John Tai Dang, M.D., of Cleburne, Texas.  The suspension will remain in effect until superseded by an Order of the Board. 

Among the myriad violations of the Medical Practice Act, Dr. Dang was found to have prescribed dangerous drugs (Diazapam, Alprazolam, Opana, and Xartemis) after becoming aware of a patient’s history of substance abuse and her admission into a treatment facility.  While treating that same patient, Dr. Dang borrowed money from her totaling $20,000.00 and used a Care Credit account in her name and without her knowledge to bill another $5,000.00 in fraudulent services.  Worst of all, the doctor was found to have assaulted two patients during examinations. 

The Disciplinary Panel determined that Dr. Dang failed to maintain adequate medical records, failed to adhere to guidelines for treatment of pain, became financially involved with a patient, and engaged in sexual contact with a patient, among other infractions.  In suspending his licencse, the Board deemed Dr. Dang’s medical practice a “continuing threat to the public welfare.”

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