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Well-placed sources inform us that the powers that be within the Division have begun focusing on the number of dispute proceedings held each month, supposedly as a means of gauging the effectiveness and productivity of the Hearings section. The higher the number of proceedings held, the reasoning goes, the greater the number of disputes that have been resolved. 

However, as usual, a strict quantitative analysis (i.e., pure statistics and number-crunching) tells only part of the story and provides skewed results. In accumulating their data, the DWC makes no differentiation between Contested Case Hearings that result in a Decision & Order and those that are merely convened and continued at the outset. In other words, a hearing that continues at the scheduled start time is considered a “proceeding held,” while a hearing for which a motion to continue is granted before the proceeding will not count toward the tally.

There are two obvious results of this practice. First, the DWC can artificially inflate its total number of proceedings held per month by urging judges to postpone ruling on continuance requests until the day of the hearing. Second, the costs associated with preparing for and traveling to a Contested Case Hearing, only to find that is has been continued at the last minute, are passed along to system participants.