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Coming soon - your EDI data collection agent questions answered

If you have questions about the Division’s new EDI data collection agent and the billing registration process, you’re not alone. Insurance carriers have so many questions that the Division is hosting a Zoom call to address them. The call comes in the wake of the Division’s announcement that it is changing the process by which insurance carriers must report claim data through electronic data interchange (EDI). 

Currently, carriers are required to report EDI claim data using an antiquated standard  – to be precise, International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) Release 1.0. But beginning July 26, 2023, the Division will be requiring carriers to use the current standard, IAIABC Release 3.1.4. This and other requirements are set out in new Division rules 124.100 - 124.108. 

As part of the conversion, the Division designated a private contractor, Verisk, as its data collection agent for claim EDI release 3.1 data. Verisk will bill insurance carriers, other than governmental entities, for the cost of data collection. Accordingly, insurance carriers were required to register their billing contact information with Verisk by June 13, 2022. 

Also, as part of the conversion, each insurance carrier will be required to designate one person as its claim EDI compliance coordinator and provide that person’s contact information to the Division. Carriers can report this information to the Division on new Form EDI-03. 

Bonus cocktail party trivia: According to its website, the IAIABC was founded in 1914 and is an association of workers’ compensation jurisdictional agencies from around the world, as well as private organizations involved in the delivery of workers’ compensation benefits and services. It works to identify best practices, develop and implement standards, and provide education and information sharing. 

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