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The Division has finally found a replacement for Judge David Northup following his retirement in August 2016.  Mikhail Nagorny has been hired as the newest Hearing Officer in San Antonio.  Prior to coming on board with the DWC, Judge Nagorny served in the Soviet Navy from 1971-1976, then attended Moscow State University, where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Arab Studies.  After graduating from South Texas College of Law in 1999, Mr. Nagorny was employed by the Malaise Law Firm in San Antonio, where he practiced workers’ compensation exclusively. 

The vacancy in the Dallas Field Office has likewise been filled.  Latorya Fowler recently signed on to replace Judge John Bell, who departed in December 2016.  Though she is new to the realm of workers’ compensation, Judge Fowler brings with her extensive adjudicative experience. Following her graduation from Southern Methodist Law School in 2006, Ms. Fowler served as a pro tem judge in Fort Worth’s municipal courts. 

Meanwhile, the statewide hiring freeze seems to have impeded the DWC’s efforts to replace their most recently departed Hearing Officer.  Judge Marilyn Allen left the Division in January 2017 to accept employment with a carrier firm, bringing the number of Hearing Officers in the Houston West Field office down to four.