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We are taking a chance that you will be interested in the latest court of appeals decision on the “coming and going” rule.  The Amarillo Court of Appeals in Steen v. Texas Mutual Ins. Co. held at the end of last month that an employee who gave a prospective employee of the company a ride to his job interview at the company office was not in the course and scope of his employment because when he was killed en route his injury did not originate in the employer’s work, trade or profession because transporting the friend was not essential to his employment, that the employee was not expected to be at the office because there were no job openings, and that transporting people for interviews was not part of his job description.  Further, the employee was not on a “special mission” at the behest of the employer.  This sure seems to us to be a lot of words which really boil down to the employee not being furthering the affairs of the employer at the time of his injury.  This type of case almost always involves a serious injury or death, and unusual fact patterns.  Every case hinges not on the law, but on the particular actions of the employee vis a vis his job duties at the time of the incident. 

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