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After seven weeks of trial, on April 9 a Dallas jury found seven defendants in the Forest Park Medical Center kickback case guilty.  Those convicted are: Dr. Douglas Won, Dr. Michael Rimlawi, Wilton McPherson Burt (co-founder of the specialty surgery hospital), Dr. Shawn Henry (a Fort Worth spine surgeon), Dr. Mrugeshkumar Kumar Shah (a pain doctor), Jackson Jacob (recruiter for Forest Park), and Iris Kathleen Forrest (a nurse).  North Texas prosecutors used a federal law, the Travel Act, to win the bribery and kickback convictions, arguing that the health care workers had attempted to evade federal insurance programs like Medicare to avoid prosecution.

The case involves $40 million in bribery schemes.  Twenty-one individuals were originally charged in the case.  Of those, 10 pleaded guilty prior to trial. Bariatric surgeon Nick Nicholson, MD was acquitted. Also charged is a Texas workers’ compensation claimant attorney Royce Bicklein, who is accused of accepting payment for referring his injured worker clients for medical treatment.  Mr. Bicklein’s case has yet to go to trial. 

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