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As of this month, the DWC has yet another revised Employer’s Wage Statement on its website.  We appreciate that there is no “fine print” and the form is much easier to read and to understand and the instructions attached to are much clearer than those that came with the prior form.  This is a good time to remind our readers that it is the employer’s responsibility to complete this form and file it with the insurance carrier, the claimant, and the claimant’s representative within the earliest of the date the employer is notified that the employee is entitled to income benefits, or the the date the employee’s death is a result of a compensable injury; and within seven days of getting a request from DWC for a copy of the form. The employer can be fined for failure to provide a DWC 3, but the consequence to the carrier of the employer’s failure to comply is sometimes only realized when the carrier makes a claim to the Subsequent Injury Fund for reimbursement. If DWC can’t verify the correct Average Weekly Wage by reviewing an accurately completed DWC 3, reimbursement is likely to be denied. You can find the new form here.

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