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Reliable sources inform us that Cole Fulks has replaced Kevin Henry as the Administrative Law Judge in Tyler. Cole joins the agency after representing injured workers for several years at Bailey & Galyen. Welcome, Cole!

Erica De La Cruz has been promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Claims and Customer Services. The new program area includes Claims Services, Self-Insurance Regulation, and the Subsequent Injury Fund.

Mary Landrum, the new Deputy Commissioner for Health and Safety, will oversee the Office of the Medical Advisor, Health Care Business Management, Medical Fee Dispute Resolution, Workplace Safety, and Return to Work programs. She will also continue to oversee the operations, training, and certifications for the Designated Doctor program.

Kimberly Donovan, who joined DWC in November, has been named as DWC’s new Deputy Commissioner of Operations and External Relations. This new program area includes Communications, External Relations, and the Research & Evaluation Group.

Tammy Campion is the new Deputy Commissioner for Business Process, which includes the management of DWC’s technology modernization efforts, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes, system data and electronic records management.

Kate Sidora is the new Director of External and Media Relations and will manage DWC’s government relations, legislative activities, and stakeholder outreach.

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