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The DWC recently began holding contested case hearings in Austin at the new Barbara Jordan Building in the Capital Complex, located at 1601 Congress Avenue.  However, parking and entering the building is so complicated that it prompted DWC to create the following instructional video:

The video discusses parking options “if you are driving to your Austin hearing.”  Due to the parking situation, you might consider some easier alternatives than driving like taking the bus or an e-scooter.  The video also reminds participants not to show up more than 15 minutes before the hearing because they won’t be allowed in the building before then.

Here is actual video showing the dire consequences when one injured worker arrived too early for his hearing in Austin:

SLS scoped out the situation and after reaching several dead ends and approaching multiple locked entrances, confirmed that the new Austin digs are indeed a veritable maze due to the ongoing construction and construction fences surrounding the building.  

Therefore, to help you find your way we’ve created a map to simplify matters: 

Good luck trying to find your way in! And be sure not to arrive too early for that CCH.

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