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New Rule – New Forms

No rule change would be complete without changes to the corresponding forms and no form gets more facelifts than our beloved DWC-32. Here are some fun facts about the changes:

•  She’s lost some weight – down to four pages now – really 3-1/2 since the 4th page is just signatures.

•  Just the facts ma’am.  The form has been streamlined to request very basic identifying information of the parties, their representative and doctors.  Gone are the questions regarding authorized agents and bill review agents.   

•  The accepted compensable injury is a thing of the past. Box 37 is gone – caput – no one cares.  Regardless of whether the designated doctor is asked to address extent of injury.  Fear not, dear reader - the designated doctor will determine the compensable injury during the examination.  

•  Interestingly, there is a “yes” or “no” box” where you can tell someone that a DWC-24, CCH Decision or final court order determining the compensable conditions exists; however, there is no corresponding place to elaborate on that determination. 

The New DWC-32 must be used starting 6/5/23 and can be found on the Division’s website at:

There are also new forms for the doctors to apply for certification and new DWC-68 forms for doctors to record extent of injury findings “more precisely.”


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