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November 2020

New Denial Form for Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Claims

Under prior regulations, Tennessee maintained two different forms for the denial of claims:

-  The C-23 Notice of Denial form was used when a claim was denied from the outset of the claim, with no benefits having been paid; and 

- The C-27 Notice of Controversy form was used when a claim was denied during the pendency of the claim, after some benefits had been paid.  

However, the C-27 Notice of Controversy form has now been eliminated. For all denials going forward, the adjusting entity should file the revised C-23 Notice of Denial form. This revised form will encompass denials for any claim, regardless of whether benefits have been paid. Likewise, this revised form will encompass partial denials, where only a particular aspect of the claim is being denied.

For any questions, or for a copy of the revised C-23 form, please contact:

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