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South Dakota



                                Leonard E. Salway v. Hanson Maves Company and Zurich American Insurance

Claimant was a 76-year old worker who sustained a work-related injury when he broke his right ankle. Approximately 6 months after the injury, Claimant was placed at MMI and returned to work doing the same job as he was prior to the injury. Claimant admitted that he did not feel that he was receiving special treatment and admitted that the only reason he filed his Petition was because he believed someday he would develop arthritis in his ankle. Despite the allegations in the Petition regarding favored work, the Department found that Claimant was not performing "favored" or "light duty" work because he was doing the same job he did before the injury. Rick Ostrander provided a report that Claimant was receiving favored work, but the Department rejected the opinion because it was based on misinformation.

Regarding Claimant’s request that the Department retain jurisdiction, the Department declined to do so, saying that Claimant was employed in the same position as he was before the injury with no restrictions or limitations, and just because he was worried he would someday develop arthritis, that was not enough for the Department to retain jurisdiction, therefore the case was dismissed.

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