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Sioux Falls, SD.— (November 5, 2016) Awards were presented for outstanding contributions to the workers compensation industry at the 5th Annual Comp Laude Awards and Gala,  Saturday, November 5 in Burbank, CA.

“Our mission with this event is to show what is going right with our industry,” said Yvonne Guibert, Marketing Director. “This event was the vision of WorkCompCentral’s founder, the late David DePaolo. He felt our industry gets so much negative press, he wanted to change the story of our industry. So we’ve designed these awards with rigorous judging protocols in place to identify the best of the best.”

The Attorney Comp Laude Award was presented to Michael S. McKnight, of Boyce Law Firm, LLP for his contributions and leadership in the work comp industry.

The Comp Laude Awards, meaning “with honor” were presented to individuals and companies representing many segments of the workers compensation industry, even injured workers. This year, awards were presented in 13 categories.

Top honor awards were presented to two well-known industry veterans. Mark Pew, Prium received the Magna Comp Laude (with great honor) award, and Richard Victor, Sedgwick, received the Summa Comp Laude (with highest honor) award. WorkCompCentral announced that the Summa Comp Laude award will now be called the David J. DePaolo award, in memory of the company’s founder and CEO who passed away earlier this year.

For a complete list of the nominees and Honor Roll Recipients, visit


Next year’s Comp Laude Awards and Gala event is scheduled for October 30-November 1 in San Diego, CA. Call 805-484-0333 for details.

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