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On January 27, 2023, the Commonwealth Court issued a memorandum opinion in City of Pittsburgh v. Ronald Dobbs (Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board)in which it expandedthe application of impairment rating evaluations to all injuries, including injuries that occurred prior to the enactment of Act 57.  The Court noted that Act 57, in which the impairment rating evaluation (IRE) process was initiated, limited its application to injuries sustained prior to its enactment on June 24, 1996.  Subsequently, however, the IRE process was declared null and void by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Protz v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (Derry Area School District).  In striking down the entirety of Section 306(a.2), the Supreme Court held that the IRE process of Act 57 violated the nondelegation doctrine of the Pennsylvania Constitution.  The Pennsylvania General Assembly responded, and enacted the Act 111 Amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Act in 2018.  However, unlike Act 57, there was no specific provision in Act 111 that limited it application to injuries suffered prior to a specific date.  In Dobbs, the Court noted that Act 111 has since withstood several Constitutional challenges, and held that in the absence of any language within Act 111 limiting the date of injury, its application was extended to all injuries, including those injuries occurring prior to June 24, 1996.

Author: Melissa C. Petersen, Esquire