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Written by: Kyla Block

Prescription medications can be a stumbling block when it comes time to resolve a workers’ compensation claim. Insurance carriers often have preferred vendors they utilize to obtain favorable prescription costs or negotiated agreements with pharmacies, leading to less expensive medical exposure during the pendency of claims. However, claimants are often unable to benefit from these cost savings once their claim has been settled. This becomes a problem for both sides when trying to resolve a claim. The claimant is unsure of the price his/her medications will cost, causing them to demand a higher settlement value and making the overall process more expensive. It consequently costs defendants more to resolve the claim if they are able to do so.

Enter Mark Cuban CostPlus Drug Company. Co-founded by Dr. Alexander Oshmyansky and Mark Cuban in January 2022, Mark Cuban CostPlus Drug Company was created with the express purpose of providing patients with access to safe, affordable medicines regardless of whether they have insurance or a low deductible health care plan. Instead of negotiating prices through pharmacy benefit managers, the company directly negotiates with manufacturers to get generic drugs at wholesale prices. It then sells those drugs to consumers with prescriptions with a 15% markup, a $3 pharmacy labor charge, and $5 for shipping, according to the pharmacy’s website.

CostPlus Drugs aims to disrupt the traditional pharmaceutical supply chain and offer transparency, affordability, and accessibility to prescription medications. Eliminating the middleman and replacing him with a straightforward 15% price markup results in an astonishing difference in the cost of many medications. For example, a 20 mg, 90-tablet prescription of Escitalopram, which costs around $180.00 from a regular pharmacy, would only cost $12.50 from Mark Cuban CostPlus Drug Company according to the latest data. Lidocaine ointment (Generic for Xylocaine) is $5.44 for a tube, compared to its $243.61 retail price. The Lidocaine patch (Generic for Lidoderm) is $46.50, compared to $246.90 retail. Meloxicam (Generic for Mobic) is $3.60 versus $21.39 at a retail price.

Being able to suggest lower prescription costs (and support it with evidence) allows the parties in a workers’ compensation case to reach common ground on future medical treatment costs, which is often murky depending on whether the claimant has insurance or not and what that insurance plan covers. Mark Cuban CostPlus Drug Company provides transparency on prescription costs after the claim ends and allows claimants to obtain much needed prescriptions at a fraction of the price. Suggesting options like Mark Cuban CostPlus Drug Company allows defendants to provide a solution to a potential barrier to settlement, hopefully facilitating resolution of the claim.

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