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In Interiano-Lopez v. Tyson Fresh Meats, 294 Neb. 586 (2016), the Nebraska Supreme Court determined counterclaims are not permissible in workers’ compensation cases.  In the case, claimant voluntarily dismissed his Petition, but the Court allowed the case to continue as the employer filed a counterclaim.  On appeal, the Court held that because counterclaims “are not part of the pleading scheme, there is no procedure enabling a plaintiff to admit or deny the substantial averments of a counterclaim, and no procedure by which a plaintiff can state his or her contention with reference to any additional matters in dispute as disclosed by the counterclaim.”  Further, allowing the suit to proceed on an employer’s counterclaim violates the claimant’s right to voluntary dismiss an action without prejudice before the final submission of the case to the court under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 48-177.


Practice Tip: Interestingly, while not judicially efficient, the Court did imply that the employer has the option of filing a Petition to determine the rights of the parties in lieu of filing a counterclaim.  So, if a case is not proceeding or claimant intends to move for dismissal without prejudice under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 48-177, the employer should consider filing a Petition. 


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