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Heacox Hartman


Minnesota's Cousineau, Waldhauser & Kieselbach, P.A. is proud to have several of its attorneys serving in national leadership positions with theNational Workers’ Compensation Defense Network (NWCDN). NWCDN selects the top workers’ compensation defense firms from across the country for membership in the organization, and CWK is the representative from Minnesota.

Attorney Thomas Kieselbach is continuing to serve as President of the NWCDN, and he has done an excellent job guiding the organization through the challenges that the last year has presented. Tom ensured that the NWCDN was able to continue to stay connected and provide ongoing education, services, and training for its member organizations. The NWCDN has been thriving and continuing to serve as a driving force in workers’ compensation nationally. CWK joins the other member firms in congratulating Tom on his leadership of the NWCDN, and we are honored to be represented at this national level.

CWK is also pleased to announce that Attorney Parker Olson has been selected to serve a two-year term as the Midwest Regional Vice-Chairperson for the NWCDN. He will work alongside the Midwest Regional Chairperson and Board of Directors, and he will assist in managing networking opportunities, webinar training events for our clients, and providing support where needed to promote the resources of the NWCDN. We know that Parker will be a great addition to the leadership team of the NWCDN’s Midwest Region.

In addition, Attorney Adam Brown has been asked to serve on the NWCDN’s new Inclusion and Diversity Committee. Adam is our Director of Professional Development, and he is currently serving as the Chair of the Hennepin County Bar Association’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Adam is helping to establish the NWCDN’s committee and build a strong foundation for the committee’s work going forward.