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Heacox Hartman


CWK is pleased to welcome Adam Brown, who joins us as the Director of Professional Development and as a non-voting Shareholder.  Adam’s position is structured so that he will handle customary legal work for our clients, but he will also have the time and capacity to provide individual coaching, training, real-time feedback, and skill-building support for our associates and other legal professionals.  In addition, he will provide business development support for the firm and assist with our integral firm systems, including structural design and professional development.  Ultimately, Adam’s work will translate into even better service and support for our clients.

Adam comes to us from the University of St. Thomas School of Law, where he spent nearly six years as the Assistant Director of Career and Professional Development, managed the law school’s externship program, and taught courses in the externship and mentor programs (in fact, Adam is continuing to teach the advanced externship course at UST Law this fall).  Before UST Law, Adam worked as a staff attorney at the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals (WCCA), an attorney at Heacox Hartman, and a judicial law clerk at the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Adam’s experience in our practice area and his expertise in educational design and teaching, legal writing, diversity and inclusion (Adam will be the chair of the HCBA Diversity & Inclusion Committee for 2020-21), and business and practice development make this a great fit.  Adam is authentically passionate about this work, and having this type of direct, individualized support for our legal professionals in-house is almost unheard of in the legal industry.  Adam is eager to make this novel and innovative professional development model work for our clients, for our firm, and for our industry.  We have clear-eyed optimism that providing this brand of mentorship will ensure that our people have the skills they need for a successful professional career.  We are all excited to see where this can go, so please join us in welcoming Adam Brown.