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Return to Work: When an employee is not at MMI but is still being treated for a work injury:

  1. In your state, is the employee obligated to seek alternative work if employment ends with injury employer? No

  2. Does your state require documentation of offered work by the injury employer? No

  3. If so, are there specific time requirements and if timelines are not met, what is potential exposure? No 

Vocational Rehab:

  1. Does your state have vocational rehabilitation requirements for worker’s compensation injuries? In Kentucky, injured workers who are unable to perform work for which they have previous training or experience, are entitled to “such vocational rehabilitation services, including retraining and job placement, as may be reasonably necessary to restore him or her to suitable employment.” KRS 342.710 (3). Vocational rehab is not required unless it is ordered by the ALJ. Id. It is grossly underutilized in KY.

  2. Are there state requirements for vocational rehab? KY has an Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, but it is not specific to workers compensation. KRS 151B.185.

  3. Does the state have a vocational rehabilitation program under worker’s compensation? An ALJ may refer an injured worker to an Office of Workers’ Claims employee for implementation of vocational rehab services. 803 KAR 25:101 Sec. 4(1). The Office of Workers’ Claims employee shall refer the worker for a vocational evaluation at a facility listed in the Directory of Vocational Evaluation Facilities, meaning facilities accredited by CARF in the area of comprehensive evaluation services or are operated by the Department for Technical Education. 803 KAR 25:101 Sec. 4(2).