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Jurisdiction of Injured Employee's Claim

Letcher County Board of Education v. Hall, (2022-SC-0313-WC, 6/15/23) not final
Teacher filed WC claim alleging he developed mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos during his employment in county high school. County School Board argued that the Board of Claims, not Department of Workers’ Claims, had exclusive jurisdiction over the claim under KRS 49.070(16) which states that “any claim” against the school district for damages as a result of asbestos exposure shall be brought before Board of Claims. Rejecting this argument, the Supreme Court of Kentucky concluded that KRS 49.070(16) pertains to claims by third parties, not employees. The Court cited the purpose of the Workers’ Compensation Act to compensate injured workers for loss sustained as a result of work-related injury or disease as well as its exclusivity. Furthermore, the Court pointed out that KRS 49.020(5) requires the Board of Claims to find negligence while the Workers’ Compensation Statute requires no showing of fault.

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